Three kinds of treatment are used to treat liver cancer:

    * Surgery – taking out the cancer in an operation
    * Chemotherapy – using antidrugs to kill cancer cells
    * Radiation therapy – aiming high-energy rays at the cancer to destroy it

A doctor will usually combine methods to treat the cancer most effectively. These are some questions a person may want to ask his/her doctor before treatment begins:

    * What is my diagnosis?
    * What is the stage of the disease?
    * What are my treatment choices? Which do you recommend for me? Why?
    * What are the chances that the treatment will be successful?
    * Would a clinical trial be appropriate for me?
    * What are the risks and possible side effects of each treatment?
    * How long will my treatment last?
    * Will I have to change my normal activities?
    * What is the treatment likely to cost?

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