High heels basically mess up your center of gravity.

They cause your hips to tilt forward which is not natural and messes up the alignment of our body causes increases in sprained ankles, ankle stress, knee and hip stress from the misalignment.

High heels can also change the shape of your toe bones in your feet making you forever off balance.

In addition to those negative effects studies have shown that females driving in high heels wreck more than females in normal shoes.

It slows your reaction time to the brake and you can slip when trying to break and miss it completely.

Thirdly, rapists go after females in high heels and 75% of all raped victims are wearing them.

Even though on average males run faster than females with high heels you stand no chance.

I have a MS in exercise physiology and I will not wear a heel of any degree and I am short.

I would rather hem the pants and keep my alignment. Like driving a car that is not aligned properly the tires are worn away super quick same with your bones.

I do not even wear boots with a heel but it is important to me.

It isn't going to kill you but it isn't the best option for shoes so it really depends on what your priority is.

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