High Heels are wonderful. They make you feel more elegant (as long as you can walk in them!) and confident.

These are the main benefits in my opinion:

1) They make your legs look longer.

2) Makes your bum perky!

3) Walking in high heels all day actually is good exercise to tone your calves and thighs.

4) make your feet have gorgeous high arches! Very sexy in the summer when you show them off when wearing wedged or sandals.

5) Makes me feel: good/sexy/fun/confident/dominant all at once!

6) I LOVE shoe shopping! High Heels are so much fun for putting outfits together!

7) Both men and women stop me on the street to ask where I bought mine, or tell me they look lovely.

You have to remember though, to take care of your feet. I work in an office and I wear 4inch(at least!) everyday. If I didn't take care of my feet (pedicures/moisturising/exfoliating) they would probably be destroyed by now. Don't buy cheap shoes as they will destroy your feet with their synthetic materials! High heels are wonderful and I've worn them for so long, Its uncomfortable for me to wear anything flat.

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