Formerly, only the wealthy and elite athletes could afford to travel to Europe or Mexico for "prescription only", recombinant human growth hormone.

They had to pay up to $30,000.00 per year for this, and then had to endure daily injections.

After other related products were developed and all the greedy "get rich quick" schemers jumped on the bandwagon, information spread like wild fire.

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  • What is AGHD (adult growth hormone deficiency)?
  • A description of growth hormone
  • Who should take it?
  • Side effects of human growth hormone
  • Can aging be reversed by human growth hormone?
  • How soon could I expect to notice a change in human growth hormone?
  • Can you take human growth hormone or beyond hgh while on a diet?
  • What about taking growth hormone while travelling?
  • Should growth hormone treatment be continued if I become ill?
  • How will I know if the growth hormone treatment is working?
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