They made me feel older.
Actually i've always been a boot girl.
3 1/2" stack heel cowboy boots, 3 and 4" stiletto boots, and ankle boots with 3" stiletto heels.

I got into them around 10th grade.
I think mostly now bcuz of all the hype, its all u see on t.v. and all.

Yahoo flashes that shoes sale banner ad, and all they show r the high heel pumps and stuff, Sooo its what we go with.

I have 2 wear pumps now and its goofy but my feet hurt sooo bad.

I wear boots with the same heels and I'm fine.

Serious. anyway, all we see is posh, christina aguilera and all these celebrities in their pradas and cl or choo designer shoes, and even fergie mentions dolce & gabbana in her tunes. sooo what r we 2 wear?


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