Sinusitis starts as a result of blockage of the hole (actually a short hairpin shaped tube) into the sinuses, called an ostium.

This blockage can occur as a result of an anatomical obstruction, swelling due to a cold or allergy, drying of the mucus, or a foreign body.

When this occurs, mucus that normally is expelled from the sinus builds up in the sinus.

This can cause pressure or pain. In addition the mucus is an excellent culture medium for bacteria.

If the mucus is not cleared immediately, an abscess can develop in the sinus.

An abscess is a pus-pocket inside a closed space.

Ideally, treatment of an abscess involves opening the abscess up with a knife and allowing the abscess to drain to the outside.

Unfortunately, this is obviously not feasible in the case of a sinus infection without doing extensive surgery.

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