I've been using Maybelline Full & Soft for several years now, and I think it's the perfect balance of the right sized brush, plenty of fullness and length, without clumps or feeling crusty.

I keep seeing the new commercials for new mascaras, and sometimes break away and try something new, but keep going back to the Full & Soft.

The type of mascara is best for making your eyes look bigger

They make waterproof & not, and several shades (browns-blacks-clears).

Plus it doesn't break the bank (Walmart or drug stores for around $4.50).

Also when you're applying mascara, if you think you have smaller or squinty eyes, then don't put any on your bottom lashes.

If you've got dark lines around the top and bottom, it'll make your eyes look smaller.

Also keep your shadows lighter, only use darker shades on the corners of your lids.

I've looked for a lot of these tricks, because I've got the type of eyes that look completely closed when I smile.


These tips have helped me out.

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