When wearing high heels how much pressure is put on the body?

Pressure on the foot is the reaction from ground you are standing on, you are right if the angle of distribution bigger then the stresses are distributed at a larger area, but not necessarily the taller the heel the bigger the angle, if the heel is thin and tall the load will be concentrated at a small area and high pressure, but if the heel long but wide then the load can be distributed because the angle of distribution gets bigger.

I’ve heard that carpets get dirty faster after cleaning, is that true?

I've heard that carpets get dirty faster after cleaning, is that true?It may be, depending on the method used to clean them. Years ago carpets were shampooed using a rotary brush. Because the shampoo and dirt were pushed down into the carpet rather than lifted out, the top looked nice for a few days. But it soon was dirtier than ever because the shampoo residue attracted more dirt. This same thing happens when you clean your own carpets, because without adequate heat, pressure, and vacuum power, you leave too much soapy residue in the carpets. Now a days, Truck-mounted Hot Wa...

How does “carpet steam cleaning” work?

How does The first step is pre-treating the heavy traffic areas with sprayed cleaning solution to loosen up the soils. Then the truck-mounted equipment is used to spray heated cleaning solution into the carpet pile at a high pressure and then is immediately extracted along with the suspended soil particles. The machine will work the solution into the pile and loosen soil. Factors that affect the results of this method are: · operator skill · solution temperature · spray pressure · vacuum power