The safty when sitting in a hot tub during pregnancy

The safty when sitting in a hot tub during pregnancyHot tubs are usually too hot to be safe for pregnant women to use. We know that water over 105 degrees is damaging to developing cells. It won't damage yours, but the baby is sitting in fluid that's also going to get very warm. And extreme temperatures can damage early embryos. So hot-tubbing in the first trimester could cause malformations in the fetus or cause you to lose the baby.

To sit in a hot tub while I’m pregnant

It's not a good idea unless you can control the temperature and set it at no more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Soaking in hot water or sitting in a hot, steamy room can make you overheat, which raises your heart rate and reduces blood flow to your uterus, potentially putting your baby under stress or interfering with normal development. And because pregnant women have a hard time cooling down, you're more likely to pass out if you get overheated in a hot tub or sauna — which would, of course, be very danger...