Carpeting usually represents the single most expensive item in your house, often thousands of dollars.

To prevent premature soiling and wear, carpet manufacturers and professional carpet cleaners suggest five things:

  • Vacuum regularly heavy traffic areas twice as often as other areas.
  • Use recommended spotting techniques.
  • Place attractive, washable mats/rugs by most-used doors. Do not use rugs or mats with rubber backing of volatile dyes that may harm your carpet.
  • Have your carpets Hot Water "Steam" Cleaned on a regular basis. DuPont recommends only Professional Truck-Mounted "Steam" Hot Water Extraction Cleaning for their new Stainmaster carpet.
  • Reapply a carpet protector, at least in the heavy traffic areas, after cleaning.
  • Remove shoes before walking on carpet if possible.

How can I slow down soiling and carpet wear?

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