It's hard to completely protect your baby from ringworm, but there are a few things you can do to minimize his chances:

  • Help him avoid excessive sweating (by not overdressing him, for example).
  • If he's walking, have him wear sandals at pool areas and in locker rooms.
  • Don't let others (like siblings) share towels, hairbrushes, pillows, clothing, or similar items with your baby.
  • Check pets to make sure that they don't have any scaly, hairless patches. If they do, take them to the veterinarian for treatment. (In fact, even if a pet doesn't show symptoms, it's a good idea to bring it in for a checkup if your baby keeps getting reinfected.)
  • If other family members show symptoms, make sure they get treated immediately.
  • Check to see that shared areas — like locker rooms at daycare — are kept clean.

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