Getting or having a belly button ring when I’m pregnant

Getting or having a belly button ring when I'm pregnantIf you're considering belly button piercing and become pregnant, postponing the procedure until after delivery is the best idea. As your belly gets bigger along with your baby, the skin of your belly could tighten considerably as it stretches. This sometimes irritates the belly button ring area, even when you wear loose-fitting maternity clothes. It also becomes more difficult as the pregnancy progresses to keep the ring and the skin clean to avoid infection. It's definitely necessary to remove the ring bef...

Getting a salt scrub during pregnancy

One thing to keep in mind is that many salt scrubs are infused with essential oils. Certain oils should not be used during pregnancy. Do your research before risking it. One nice alternative is a homemade sugar scrub. Just mix brown sugar with oil in a bowl, and some vanilla if you like and take it to the shower with you, scrub away... You come out smelling like a chocolate chip cookie. Can't beat that.

Bleaching body hair during pregnancy

To my knowledge, there's no evidence that the use of topically applied bleach or depilatories increases the risk of birth defects, though this issue hasn't been well studied. Most likely, very little of the chemical would seep into your bloodstream and get to your baby. If you choose to bleach or chemically remove facial or body hair, you can minimize your potential risk by rinsing your skin with cold water beforehand (to keep your pores small), working in a well-ventilated area, and limiting the amount of ...

Is it safe to get a manicure while I’m pregnant?

There's little or no evidence that a pregnant woman's exposure to the chemicals involved in a manicure or pedicure is harmful to the fetus. A pedicure in particular can be a wonderful thing in late pregnancy when you're having trouble reaching your toes even to clip your nails. Given the heightened sensitivity to smell in pregnancy, the fumes may make some women nauseated, so a well-ventilated location would be helpful.

FNC Batch Renames Digital Photos by Date

Photo file utility FNC renames your digital pictures based on the timestamp they were taken, plus a custom name (like an event description). Point FNC at a directory of photos, and it reads the EXIF metadata your digital camera stores with the photos, and renames the files from your camera's default IMG_0002.JPG to the date in a format you choose, like 2009_08_21 Christmas Party with Justin.jpg. Very handy, especially for processing huge batches of photos from vacation or the holidays. FNC is a free downloa...

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