If someone refuses to send you their picture, you can safely assume that they have lied to you about their looks or age, and maybe other things as well.

Just move on in your life.

There are many other single people worthy of your attention.

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  • What flower should I give someone to express my feeling?
  • What should I give someone I do not know well?
  • Do I have to respond to all who answer my ad?
  • Can I post a picture of me with other people?
  • What should I do if someone professes they love me after a short correspondence?
  • What should I do if someone I don’t know personally asks me for money?
  • Where should I meet someone for the first date?
  • Should I give out financial information out to people I don’t know?
  • What kind of personal information should I give in my ad or profile?
  • Will bad grammar or spelling in my personal ads hurt me?
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