Wallpaper is now firmly back on the design agenda, for its new textures, modern colours and designs, and its re-discovered practicality: much like a cosmetic concealer, textured wallcoverings can hide less than perfect walls. And it can save time, often it’s quicker than painting—especially as one ‘coat’ of wallpaper is all you need to cover the wall for instant colour.

And wallpaper is easy-care too—many modern papers are washable, durable and wear well.

Wallcoverings have great ‘touch appeal’ too; adding an important extra element of texture to a room.

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  • Has wallpaper moved on from those scary florals that my nana had?
  • How do I work out how much paper I need in a room?
  • Are there ‘test-pots’ for wallpaper?
  • Can I wallpaper a room myself or is it too difficult for a beginner?
  • Is it true that if I wallpaper it will be hard to remove when I want to change the look of the room?
  • How do I decide whether to have wallpaper or paint?
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