Wallpaper comes in different lengths and widths and, although usually priced by the single roll, it is packaged either as double or triple rolls. People may find this packaging versus pricing situation hard to understand. However, wallpaper is packaged this way because double and triple rolls provide more usable wallpaper than single rolls. In addition, extra wallpaper allows for a margin of error during hanging, will help avoid the problem of finding the same dye lot or printing run when reordering to complete a project, or if the wallpaper on the wall has been damaged and needs repair.

Important things to note:

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  • When and where can textured wallpaper be used?
  • How can wallpaper make a small room look bigger? What are the best patterns?
  • Types of Wallpaper
  • International Wallcovering Symbols
  • Wallpaper Pattern Matching
  • Common Wallpaper Characteristics
  • Wallpaper pattern and run numbers
  • What about feature walls—are they still allowed by the ‘design police’?
  • What are the latest trends in wallpaper design?
  • Has wallpaper moved on from those scary florals that my nana had?
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