The dangers of microwave radiation, much like the dangers of cell phone and other non-ionizing forms of radiation, have absolutely no basis in scientific fact. Microwave radiation can't change the molecular structure of anything, because it simply doesn't have enough energy to break apart chemical bonds.

Using my microwave oven during pregnancy

To put it in perspective, plain old visible blue light has many, many times the energy of a microwave, and can break apart weak chemical bonds (this is what causes photochemical smog).

Microwaves actually have less energy than the infrared radiation (i.e. heat) that is given off by our bodies and the earth.

If you want to worry about radiation, worry about the small amount of UVB light that manages to reach the earth.

That radiation has enough energy to break apart the chemical bonds that make up DNA, causing cancer.

Microwaves, at 1/100,000 of the energy necessary to break apart chemical bonds, are closer to radio waves. All they do is heat up your food.

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