Meat from livestock that were given antibiotics for pregnant woman

The antibiotics in meat aren't dangerous, and none of the antibiotics given to livestock will harm a fetus. In addition, eating meat, including red meat, is very important for a well rounded diet and pregnancy. You need the iron and other nutirents from the meat. There is no research that shows eating meat from animals treated with antibiotics leads to resisitant bacteria. It is also important to know (and scientific documents exist) that children raised on farms and rural areas are typically healthier, hav...

Diet can cause Stomach Cancer

Foods that are smoked, salted fish and meat, pickled vegetables, and foods that are at the same time high in starch and low in fiber have been identified as possible risk factors. Scientists believe that the dramatic decline in stomach cancer incidence in the United States from the 1930s may be due to the increased use of refrigeration for food storage, which replaced salting or smoking food for storage.