Surgery is sometimes a treatment options for spine tumors. The type of surgery that your doctor recommends will depend on the type of tumor, the location, and the symptoms you are experiencing.

If you have weakness, numbness of paralysis of arms and legs, change in bladder or bowel function, an open surgical procedure may be necessary.

Closed Procedure: Vertebroplasty – a needle is injected with special cement into the vertebral body damaged by the tumor.

Open Procedures: An open procedure can include some or all of the following procedures. Your surgeon will provide a full explanation of the planned surgery during your appointment.

  • Decompression: to remove bone that has the tumor and to increase the space around the spinal cord and nerves.
  • Stabilization: application of screws, rods, or cement to stabilize the spinal column. This can be done through an incision in your back, alone, or may require an incision in your back and in your abdomen. This will depend on your tumor and your surgeon’s decision of the best way to achieve the stabilization needed.
  • Combination: both of the above procedures; may be staged one or more days apart.

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