You should get a free account at someplace that is not related to you in anyway like Yahoo or Hotmail.

Do not use the email that your ISP gave you, or your email at work, or the email that you use for your business, or the email assiciated with your website.

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  • What should I do if someone I don’t know personally asks me for money?
  • Where should I meet someone for the first date?
  • Should I give out financial information out to people I don’t know?
  • What kind of personal information should I give in my ad or profile?
  • Will bad grammar or spelling in my personal ads hurt me?
  • What kind of pictures should I include with my profile?
  • What hobbies and interests should I list in my profile?
  • Do I have to answer all the questions on a profile or personal ad form?
  • Should I include a picture with my profile or a personal ad?
  • Which is better matchmaking or personal ads?
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