What happens if you get mascara in your eye?

After a while of putting on eye makeup including eyeliner and mascaraMost of girl always leave a bit of residue on my eye balls.She just wets a q-tip with eye drops, artificial tears, or clean water pull down my bottom lidand i'll just wipe off the black bits on the inside of the lid (Shw may know it sounds painful, but it doesn't hurt)and then she put in some eye drops to clear up my eyes further

The best mascara when you apply it does not look like you use mascara

The best mascara when you apply it does not look like you use mascaraUse a clear mascara, OR for a really natural look try eyelash curlers... not heated ones or anything just simple ones and make sure you start at the base of the lash and press a few times working from the base to the tip.You could try curling your lashes to get them curled and then use a clear mascara to add volume.Get a mascara with a bigger brush for volume and again start at the base, and wiggle the brush a little as you work your way out.

Sit-ups or abdominal crunches during pregnancy

That's fine. The only problem is that lying flat on your back tends to lower your blood pressure, which could inhibit the blood supply and oxygen to the fetus. About 6 to 10 percent of pregnant women experience rapid drops in blood pressure when they lie down — even if it's only for a few minutes. The problem can begin in early pregnancy, though it's more likely to occur after 20 weeks. If you really want to work your abdominal muscles, a better exercise would be to get on the floor on your hands and knees ...

To carry around my toddler when I’m pregnant

It depends on how heavy the toddler is and how far along in pregnancy you are. You don't have your tummy muscles to help you lift, and if you don't use good back mechanics when lifting, you could get back problems. So be sure to always bend your knees and keep your back straight when lifting. In general you shouldn't be lifting heavy things, more than 5 or 10 pounds, when you're pregnant. Obviously a toddler weighs more than that, so it's not a good idea to carry her once you've gone past 30 weeks.

To bowl while I’m pregnant

Bowling should be fine. While your joints and ligaments do relax during pregnancy, how much they relax varies from woman to woman. In most cases, expectant mothers aren't likely to injure themselves while bowling. I do have one caution, though: Once you hit your third trimester, be extra careful to lift your bowling ball in a way that won't strain your back muscles. That means making sure to bend at your knees and to keep your back straight.

To be on my feet all day while I’m pregnant

It's fine, though it does become more difficult as your pregnancy progresses. In general, walking is good for you during pregnancy; it reduces your chance of blood clots and keeps you in shape. One thing that can help when you're standing for long periods is support hose. These provide compression so your legs feel better — and they help hold the blood in so it doesn't pool around your feet and make them puffy and swollen. Wearing a maternity belt can also help at the end of the second trimester and during ...

How can I get the same dramatic effect as red lipstick?

How can I get the same dramatic effect as red lipstick?I would DEFINITELY try a shiny coffee lip gloss. Gloss works wonders, unless its too runny or sticky. If you want to go for bold I would say a light coat of clear gloss over it. The darker your complexion, the darker the red you need. By darker, I do not mean duller, so not less vibrant, but rather than a strawberry red, try a deeper shade. The easiest way to figure it out would be to go to a mall and find a cosmetician. Most would be happy to do your lips, so you can see what they look like. They will also...

The age can you start wearing lipstick

You do what's best for you. You do not need anyone's approval. But remember, whatever you do today, it will reflect on who you are in the future. Not just with lipstick,but any other makeup, it can lead to premature aging. If you choose to wear lipstick anyways, I recommend the peach or beige. Not only it looks modern but also, light and natural. I suggest you rather use a lip balm rather than lipstick because lip balms protect your lips. Make sure you get one that has SPF 15. Lipsticks have been around sin...

The most appropriate age for someone to start wearing lipstick

I suppose it really just depends on what type of lip color you're going for. Lip gloss is back and in full affect so if you really want lip color I'd go with something like that. It gives you color AND shine. I mean I'm 20 and love make up but I hardly ever wear lipstick. Honestly, if you're 12-15 you don't want anything too heavy anyway. Being light and natural is always the key. I love Bourjois 3D Effect glosses as well as Dior Addict and Guerlain's glosses. Oddly enough I've become addicted to Bath & Bod...

The best way to apply red lipstick

The best way to apply red lipstickBuff your lips with an old toothbrush or flannel so your lips are flake free. Maybe use the tiniest smudge of chap stick to work as a base. If you want to, draw a faint line in lip liner on the natural line of your lip. Try to get the lip stick and liner very similar shades. Apply one coat and blot lightly with tissue. Some people prefer to use a lip brush as opposed to putting the lipstick straight onto the lips. This means you get a gradual and even build up of colour. Keep on applying and blotting until ...

To apply dark lipstick to fair skin

To apply dark lipstick to fair skinI have fair skin, too, and I love wearing dark lipstick! Whenever I use it, I first exfoliate my lips by gently brushing them with my toothbrush; this removes any dead skin that might make the color uneven. I then use DuWop Reverse Lip Liner. I love this lip liner because it's colorless so you don't get the tacky lip liner line around your mouth but it also really prevents the color from moving off of your lips. I finally use my finger to apply the lipstick. I dab my finger onto the lipstick and then dab my...

The best way of putting lipstick on your lips

Some cheaper drugstore brands like CoverGirl and Max Factor, Revlon etc have the long-lasting ones but they tend to be drying. You could be using really sheer types that aren't mean to be on lips too long. I've heard putting foundation or powder on your lips helps to make lipstick adhere better. The brand Benefit has something called "She Laq" that seals makeup. Guerlain has a nice lip primer. You can get both from sephora.com. Reapplying isn't that bad, though. I think nice sheer colors and even lip glosse...

The best brand of lipstick for the price

The best brand of lipstick for the pricePrivately, Avon is recommended !! They have all different kinds of shades, and every shade comes in cool, shimmer, or warm tints. They have lip plumping, glosses, liners, age-defying, and other kinds. They are usually priced between 3 and 6 dollars, but are almost always on sale or clearance. Trust me, that's my favorite. You can't get them right away tho is the only thing. You gotta order them.

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