Vegan diet during pregnancy

The only data on the effects of vegan diets is from a few small studies done at a place in Tennessee called the Farm. Everyone there ate vegan diets, including the pregnant women. The studies found that when you eat a really strict vegan diet, you don't get enough vitamin B12 and you may be low on folate and iron, all of which are found in animal products. Some of the women there became profoundly deficient in these three essential compounds. The first consequence of these deficiencies would be that you'd b...

Chocolate during pregnancy

Chocolate during pregnancyWhile chocolate does contain caffeine, there's no evidence that moderate amounts of caffeine are dangerous for pregnant women. On the other hand, there is evidence that chocolate works on the neurotransmitters in your brain to give you a feeling of well-being. Patients who have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, however, should avoid chocolate and other simple carbohydrates.

Unpasteurized juices during pregnancy

If you make your own juice from fruit and make sure to wash the fruit with soap and water and squeeze it yourself, there should be no problem. If you haven't washed it well, there could be chemicals and insecticides on the fruit. I'd stay away from the unpasteurized juice you find in health food stores. You don't know what processes it went through when it was made. Chemicals or bacteria could have gotten into the juice and could make you and the baby sick.

Tap water during pregnancy

Tap water during pregnancyMost tap water is regulated by the government and therefore worrisome chemicals like arsenic are present only in trace amounts. Also tap water, unlike bottled water, contains fluoride, which is essential in keeping your teeth healthy and preventing cavities. You need that fluoride even more during pregnancy — you're especially susceptible to dental decay and tooth problems due to the increased blood flow to all your tissues, including the gums.

Drinking milk from cows that were given BST during pregnancy

The FDA says bovine growth hormone is safe, although the issue is controversial. Some consumer advocates and environmental groups are concerned that milk from cows given this hormone may contain substances that are harmful to humans. (No one's claiming that the hormone itself is dangerous, but it may have side effects for the cow, which could lead to other substances turning up in the milk you drink.) Although some of the hormone given to cows does get into the milk, it turns into a protein that's broken do...

Herbal tea during pregnancy

I don't think there is anything on the market that in the dose of a cup of tea a day could cause any harm (although I do tell my patients to try to avoid herbs in general during the first trimester when the fetus may be particularly vulnerable). Teas are so much more diluted than herbal tinctures, for example. I would avoid teas that contain ingredients with well-known pharmacological actions, such as kava or St. John's Wort. I would also stay away from teas that might cause the onset of menstrual or uterin...

Caffeinated sodas during pregnancy

You shouldn't drink more than three 8-ounce servings a day. That's the limit we use because in studies of dairy cattle, when pregnant cows were given any more than that, their calves were born smaller. Caffeine can cut down on the amount of blood flowing to the placenta, and you don't want to do that because the baby won't be getting as much oxygen. But in moderate amounts, caffeine poses no measurable risk to the fetus.

Bleaching teeth during pregnancy

Bleaching teeth during pregnancyWe don't have any evidence that bleaching your teeth will pose a significant risk to you or your baby. But we don't have enough data to say it's safe, either. The peroxide used in bleaching causes an oxidative process, and we know that oxidation can be harmful to tissues and cells. But we don't know whether that can affect either you or your baby. There's another whitening process called microabrasion that uses acidic components to remove stains, but we have even less data on the safety of that in pregnancy...

The difference between Vedic astrology and Western astrology

First and foremost, Vedic astrology, Jyotish, is a Vedic science, inexorably connected to Vedic philosophy. As such, a spiritual orientation to the subject is woven into the fabric of all the systems and methods of the science. Vedic Astrology has many categories, and throughout its vast expanse of subject matter, there is a palpable underlying spiritual orientation to the material. Vedic Astrology is intended to help aid mankind in his journey towards ever greater understanding and wisdom. It is not intend...

Believe in astrology is like believing in god

Someone brought the Bible, religion and God into the conversation so, without further adeiu... Believing in astrology is like Believing in God. You have to have faith in something higher than yourself and something that you just can't scienfically prove exists. I believe in both. I figure. God created the sky and stars and God created humans with the capacity to learn and understand. God also seems to like to send messages to his creations, what better than the sky? It is up to each person to find their mes...

Does your girl friend believes astrology?

Many people believe that observable patterns provided the foundation for astrological predictions, but I think it was originally a way to encode arcane knowledge in a more "hip and fun," easily-remembered myth structure. She's right, though, that it can't be proven right or wrong, just like any other myth or belief. We simply don't have the data. Remember that actual proof must follow the guidelines of the scientific method and not just include personal experience or anecdotal evidence. Most divination is i...

The chemical could be allergic to in makeup, foundation & coverup

It could be the perfume in the concealer and foundation. I can't use my mother's beauticontrol brand products... they make me break out, and the eyeliner makes my eyes water and turn reddish. If it's only one or two brands that bother you, I'd suggest that you find a weekend that you're not doing anything on, and try several brands until you find one that doesn't bother you.

Waterproof makeup foundation

Waterproof makeup foundationWhen you go on vacation and what to find a good waterproof makeup foundation refer below: (1) Vincent Longo Liquid Canvas Dew Finish Foundation SPF 15 (2) Make Up For Ever Face & Body Liquid Makeup (3) Amazing Cosmetics Powder Set (4) Clinique Work-Out Makeup All Day Wear These foundations have all been tested by Sephora's beauty editors to be considered long-lasting. You can also try a makeup sealant -- an example would be Model In A Bottle (

The best brand of makeup foundation that can control oily skin

First of all, make sure you are using quality skin care made specifically for oily skin. cleanser to remove dirt and makeup, toner to remove cleanser residue and refine pores, and moisture lotion to restore water (not oil) to the skin. also use a mask or exfoliant once a week. Look for a foundation and/or powder that is oil-free, noncomedogenic, and nonacnegenic. here are a few that have worked on my oily skin even during the hot florida summers... Mark powder buff natural skin foundation $8 (powder) Avon p...

Makeup foundation for acne prone skin but gives good long lasting coverage

I could not live without this concealer!! CoverBlend by Exuviance.… You can find this being sold at most Dermatologists offices or at Beauty First stores. For foundation and powder I use Cliniques brand. They have everything for every skin type.… Clinique can be found at most department stores such as Younkers, Dillards, Von Maur, etc.. They are all worth the price, which isn't too bad.

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