Generally, patients will remain in the hospital just for the day of the operation, but sometimes overnight. Patients are usually out of work for 1-2 weeks. Full recovery may take six weeks, although for periods of six months to a year patients may become more sensitive to infection. The surgeon will typically remove crusting on a regular basis from the nose to prevent scarring from occurring. Packing is often not placed nowadays, so that the removal of crusting isn't usually that uncomfortable. There will be limitations on lifting, blowing the nose, and flying for a short period of time, while the healing occurs. Ask your doctor about irrigating with saline after the first week. Most people don't have a lot of pain, but if you do, ask your doctor for pain medication. Most patients don't have external bruising after the surgery.

Elsewhere in this website, there is a more extended discussion of sinus surgery. We would suggest that you may wish to look at those sections as well.

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