How do you eat an elephant?
One bite at a time. I think the answer resides in the people. The more people to champion the cause, the more likely movement will be made towards a cure.

There is a role for everyone.

1. Invest in the future.
The children of today are the hope for tomorrow.

2. Advocate for change.
The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and other cancer organization make it easy for you to email letters to your elected officials. If a lot of emails arrive on a cancer issue, you bet they will look at it. Asking questions like this, while general in nature, help people start thinking about what they can do.

3. Participate in a fundraising event hosted by a cancer organization.
Many of them have benefits to the participant as well as the patients.

4. Donate to a cancer organization.
I know there are a lot of worthy causes competing with what little funds we have (for some us), but moeny, time & resources are all commodities for non-profits.

5. Evangelize.
Tell the people around you to get involved as well. They can support your efforts, join you in your fight or just spread the word. No ask, no get. If more people took on one role above, if more celebs helped heighten the awareness & specifically called people to action, if one politician took a stand, i think we would be surprized at what we could accomplish.

"Complacency yields failure, so do something! Because the scary thing about cancer is that it could be you or someone you love."

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