A mild case of pinworms will sometimes go away without any treatment. But a severe infestation can cause complications, like more serious infections, so you don't want to let the situation get worse.

If you think your baby may have pinworms, talk with his doctor about treatment. She'll most likely prescribe medication to kill the worms. She'll probably suggest that the whole family be treated, too, since pinworms spread so easily.

Symptoms of pinworm infestation usually disappear within one week of treatment. Even if the symptoms go away, the doctor may want you to repeat the treatment two weeks later. She'll also recommend washing your family's clothing and bedding in hot water to destroy the worms and their eggs.

After treatment, you may see a lot of worms, some moving and wriggling, in your baby's stool. This is no cause for alarm, although it may be unsettling. It just means the worms are leaving your baby's body.

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