As far as I know, as long as you tell the person performing your facial that you are pregnant, everything is fine.

With everything that is going on in your body right now, you should tell EVERYONE who does anything to/with your body you are pregnant.

Working is spas for 11 years, I am still amazed at how many people do NOT tell the technician.

Luckily, most good techs will ask.

At home, I have been using Origins Organic product line.

I have found that with the increased oil production in my face, the mint wash, united states toner and balanced diet lotion is an awesome combo.

The lotion is so super lightweight, but still works great.

It doesn’t make me feel greasy one bit.

I also use skinseuticals spf 20 for my sunscreen.

I am extremely fair skinned, and this is the only thing i have found to work consistently.

And, none of these products have anything remotely harmful to baby!

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