Giving birth month flowers is a nice gesture early in a relationship.

When a Rose says too much, try giving birth month flowers instead. Most dating sites give you information about a persons birthday. They may give you the person's sign or their month and date. Knowing this information you can send someone an appropriate birth flower for a gift.

If they ask why you picked this flower, just say that it is their birth month flower. They will be impressed that you knew their birth flower or went to the trouble to find out what their birth flower is.

Sending a birth flower is a nice gesture for occasions early in a relationship. It is a good gift for when you do not know a person tastes and a small gift is required.

Remember, women prefer fresh flowers to plants.

The chert below will help you pick a birth flower based on the month a person is born. Also listed is the birth stone.

January -> [flower] Carnation  -> [stone] Garnet
February -> [flower] Violet -> [stone] Amethyst
March -> [flower] Jonquil -> [stone] Aquamarine
April -> [flower] Sweet Pea  -> [stone] Diamond
May -> [flower] Lily of the Valley -> [stone] Emerald
June -> [flower] Rose  -> [stone] Pearl
July -> [flower] Larkspur -> [stone] Ruby
August -> [flower] Gladiolus -> [stone] Peridot
September -> [flower] Aster -> [stone] Sapphire
October -> [flower] Calendula -> [stone] Opal
November -> [flower] Chrysanthemum -> [stone] Topaz
December -> [flower] Narcissus -> [stone] Turquoise

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