Vacation at high altitude during pregnancy

Keep in mind that pregnancy makes you short of breath. So if you're not used to being at a high altitude where there's less oxygen in the air, you're going to compound your shortness of breath. And you won't have as much endurance and stamina as you would at low altitudes. A short vacation won't affect the baby. But over the long term it can. Women who live at a high altitude tend to have slightly smaller babies. In fact, places like Denver actually have their own growth charts.

Swimming in a chlorinated pool during pregnancy

I don't know that anybody has looked at this. But as far as I know, there's no data indicating an increased risk for birth defects associated with swimming in properly chlorinated pools. In fact, getting into an unchlorinated pool might be more of a risk, since swimmers there might acquire an infection.

Riding the bumper cars at an amusement park during pregnancy

Bumper cars are much too violent to ride in if you know you're pregnant. Imagine the fetus being thrown about in there. Just as in a car accident, should you be thrown against the steering wheel or out of the car, serious damage could occur to your fetus and of course you. A ruptured uterus — which would be very serious and life-threatening to you and the baby — may occur due to hemorrhage. Don't be tempted. Pregnancy only lasts nine months — then you can be a NASCAR wannabe.

Riding horseback during pregnancy

Riding horseback during pregnancyAs long as you're having a normal uncomplicated pregnancy, it wouldn't cause a problem. (There might be some pregnancy complications where you'd restrict activity, like pre-term labor or placenta previa, where you're at risk for bleeding from the placenta.) Otherwise, if you're a regular horseback rider, and you feel confident about your skills and aren't doing things that are treacherous, there's no reason you can't keep on riding.

Playing tennis during pregnancy

Playing tennis during pregnancyIf you're a very good tennis player, it probably is safe. But the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends avoiding sports with a high likelihood for contact or falling — and that includes tennis. One of the concerns with racquet sports such as tennis is that they often involve rapid changes in direction. With the changes in your center of gravity during pregnancy, these rapid twists and turns could make you more prone to falling. If you fall you could start bleeding if the placenta de...

Moving furniture during pregnancy

No safe limits have been established as a guideline for lifting (or moving) weight during pregnancy. This means that you can move furniture in the first trimester, but after that I don’t recommended. If you do move furniture, make sure you know how to protect your back so you don't get a backache. Bend from the knees and keep your back straight when lifting. If your back muscles are weak and you have a very large, protruding abdomen, a maternity belt can provide valuable support. But it would be best to enl...

Jogging during pregnancy

It's generally safe to jog pretty much throughout your pregnancy. It gets harder as you get further along and are carrying more weight, but there's no danger to the fetus. As pregnancy progresses, even the expert runner generally needs to modify her routine. It's not okay to jog, however, if you have placenta previa, where the placenta covers the cervix, because too much jolting can make you bleed. It's also unsafe if you have pregnancy-induced hypertension or preterm labor or are at high risk for a preterm...

Ice-skate or Roller blade during pregnancy

There's a risk of falling in any sport where maintaining your balance is an issue, and that can carry added risks if you're pregnant. A fall could cause abdominal injuries that could affect the pregnancy. Trauma to the abdomen can cause premature separation of the placenta or premature labor. It could even fatally injure the fetus. So it's a matter of personal judgment: Do you feel confident enough in your abilities, and do you want to take the risk?

Go to a rock concert during pregnancy

Going to an occasional rock concert is fine, but I wouldn't recommend doing it every night. It's hard to measure exactly how much noise can affect a developing baby. One study showed that women who work eight hours a day around very loud noise (at levels so loud that hearing protection is needed) run a higher risk of delivering babies with hearing loss. Another study looked at whether amniotic fluid buffered or amplified sound. It turns out that low-pitched sounds (like those from a bass guitar) are slightl...

Skiing during pregnancy

Actually, it's probably not a good idea, especially in your last trimester. As you get further along in your pregnancy, your sense of balance decreases and your weight distribution changes. So things that require good balance — like skiing and diving — will be more difficult as you head into the third trimester. You don't want to trip and fall because that could be dangerous to the baby and to you. It's true the baby is very well protected in the uterus — it usually takes a car accident or major trauma to h...

Mountain-biking during pregnancy

While biking is fine for most people, if you have placenta previa (which means the placenta is covering the cervix), you wouldn't want to do it because the bumping up and down could cause bleeding problems. And as you get further along in your pregnancy it'll be harder to bike and riskier. In the last trimester, it's more difficult to balance and there's more risk that you could fall off the bike. You might want to consider riding a stationary bike as an alternative during pregnancy.

The safty when sitting in a hot tub during pregnancy

The safty when sitting in a hot tub during pregnancyHot tubs are usually too hot to be safe for pregnant women to use. We know that water over 105 degrees is damaging to developing cells. It won't damage yours, but the baby is sitting in fluid that's also going to get very warm. And extreme temperatures can damage early embryos. So hot-tubbing in the first trimester could cause malformations in the fetus or cause you to lose the baby.

When your heart rate over 140 beats per minute during pregnancy

You don't want your heart rate to go too high for too long or to exercise so hard that you get overheated. If you're healthy, you generally shouldn't raise your heart rate over 140 beats per minute while pregnant. You need enough time between beats to get blood to the baby, and as the heart rate goes up you don't squeeze out quite as much blood each time and the blood is not as well oxygenated. You want to avoid getting too hot for a different reason: There's some concern that if you get overheated during t...

The type of mascara is best for making your eyes look bigger

The type of mascara is best for making your eyes look biggerI've been using Maybelline Full & Soft for several years now, and I think it's the perfect balance of the right sized brush, plenty of fullness and length, without clumps or feeling crusty. I keep seeing the new commercials for new mascaras, and sometimes break away and try something new, but keep going back to the Full & Soft. They make waterproof & not, and several shades (browns-blacks-clears). Plus it doesn't break the bank (Walmart or drug stores for around $4.50). Also when you're applying mascara, if...

The best mascara color for blue eyes

Black mascara and black eyeliner. Well, that's what i like. [i have bright blue eyes] Some people always had a problem with eyeshadow colors. And they found that they like shimmery pink, light blue, and white/translucent/shiny eyeshadow. I'm not sure if you are farmiliar with a makeup company called "Mary Kay" [ or "mary k" im not sure] its like avon. They sell alot of makeup out of catalogs and most of people REALLY love the pink and blue eyeshadow, what your suppost to do is put the pink on first, then pu...

A good mascara for contact lenses

I don't like Maybelline's mascara. It tends to clump really easily and get spidery within 2-3 coats. If you must purchase a Maybelline, use one of the XXL mascaras, they are in black and white tubes. You want a mascara with a thick brush, if you have a thin brush it's not going to cover each and every lash. If you are willing to spend a couple dollars more, buy MAC's Plush Lash for $11, it is a big thick brush and will do the job. I suggest you be really careful with apply mascara with your contact lenses i...

The best mascara to use for contact lens wearers

You have to try li lash. It is recommended and formulated by doctors. Make your eyelash naturally longer fuller thicker curlier and sexier. I love using it and have been using it since i first try it, I have tried many others, but they always have problem. Th ebest part is it is formulated to work on even the most sensitive skin/eyes. I have sensitive skin and eyes as I use contacts too. But this product really work out well for me. I feel comfortable and also very attractive. Also get very confident after ...

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