Should I include my real email address in my profile or ad?

You should get a free account at someplace that is not related to you in anyway like Yahoo or Hotmail. Do not use the email that your ISP gave you, or your email at work, or the email that you use for your business, or the email assiciated with your website.

What kind of pictures should I include with my profile?

You should have several pictures of you. They should be of you relaxed, but not laying on the couch or bed. You should have several pictures of you in nice clothes. A head shot or two a half length, a 3/4 length, and a full length photo. In addition you might want to have some of you in your favorite activities. Try and have a few pictures that display the unique person that you are.

Which is better matchmaking or personal ads?

You can do both and increase you odd of finding your soul mate. Your soul mate might have placed a personal ad and if you don't place one or check you could miss them. It all depends on what your purpose is. Are you looking for casual dating or the love of your life? In general, personal ads are best for casual dating, and matchmaking is best for finding the love of your life. You can try Free Matchmaking or place a Free Personal Ad and see which you like better.

Possible side effects of human growth hormone

Possible side effects of human growth hormoneBy far the most common side effect to GH therapy is joint pain or joint swelling. Joint pain presents 27% of the time, and joint swelling will present 41% of the time. These joint issues are related to incorrect dosages, and your doctor will adjust the dose should these side effects occur. Correct dosage alteration will cause these side effects to disappear. A very small percentage of people may develop antibodies to the protein. This will occur with any protein therapy treatment. GH treatment can cause hig...

What benefits will you experience as a result of GH therapy?

Your body requires the correct levels of growth hormone for efficient and effective metabolism of food, and for correct body composition. The goal of GH therapy is to restore the correct level of GH in patients who present with a GH deficiency. GH is also necessary for achieving optimum bone density and strength, for regulating the proper ratio between good cholesterol and bad cholesterol, and promoting a correct bodily proportion of muscle to fat. If you are suffering from a GH deficiency, GH supplementary...

What is the replacement therapy for growth hormone deficiency?

What is the replacement therapy for growth hormone deficiency?Replacement therapy for growth hormone is no different from other hormone therapies. The primary goal of growth hormone therapy is to restore the correct level of growth hormone to the body for healthy and efficient metabolism and other processes. Hypertropin is used for the replacement of endogenous growth hormone in patients with biochemically confirmed AGHD (peak GH <5 g/L). Patients must present with two criteria to be eligible for growth hormone replacement treatment.Firstly, the patient must show evid...

Why will I need to supplement my levels of growth hormone

Even if you have finished growing, growth hormone continues to play an important function in your body; and is essential for good health. If your doctor has determined that you are growth hormone deficient, then your doctor will likely recommend supplementing your endogenous growth hormone with a lab made growth hormone supplement. Growth hormone is essential for correct metabolism, muscle to fat ratio promotion, and other important health factors. If you are growth hormone deficient, growth hormone treatme...

Symptoms of growth hormone deficiency

People are not always aware of their GH deficiency, and the condition is under diagnosed. Some of the symptoms that may indicate a GH deficiency are: An unusual proportion of fat to lean muscle mass; GH deficient sufferers will have unusually high fat to muscle ratios, and will present especially with excess fat around the abdomen. Heightened bad cholesterol levels can also be an indicator of a GH deficiency, as can changes in bone density. If you are very prone to breaking or fracturing bones, this could b...

What is AGHD (adult growth hormone deficiency)?

Adults can experience a deficiency in growth hormone, and the health effects of this deficiency can be profound. Adults will experience a GH deficiency if their pituitary gland is not secreting an appropriate quantity of GH into the blood stream, or if through surgery or medical treatment, the pituitary is absent or underperforming. The pituitary is a vital gland, and is often named "the master gland" as the hormone secretions from the pituitary are responsible for the regulation and control of a number of ...

A description of growth hormone

Growth hormone is a necessary protein produced by the pituitary gland in the hypothalamus of the brain. Growth hormone is the primary hormone responsible for the growth that occurs as a child matures into a full sized adult. Growth hormone plays an integral role in the metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, in people of all ages. Fully grown adults still require an adequate level of growth hormone for good health and correct body composition. Growth hormone will influence factors such as the ratio ...

Who should take it?

In my opinion, most adults over 30. But that's just my opinion. You can be tested for IGF-1 levels, or serum levels if you want to determine your needs precisely, and have your doctor decide if you are sufficiently "hgh deficient" to a degree they feel you should begin injections or supplementation. I've never heard of the spray hurting anyone regardless, and again, my opinion is anyone over 30 could use it, but again, that's just what I've heard and from my own limited knowledge, and my own opinion, not a ...

Side effects of human growth hormone

It's been studied for decades, and I've never heard of even one case of dangerous side effects like other hormones can have. It is a non-toxic naturally occurring hormone, not a foreign substance to the body. It has no drug-like side effects. Hgh injections are a controlled substance available only by prescription. But as with anything, always consult your physician before taking,  especially if you are pregnant, nursing, under the age of 30, or have health problems or concerns.

Can aging be reversed by human growth hormone?

According to some doctors and researchers, yes. Medical research concurs that human growth hormone plays a pivotal role in liver, brain, heart and kidney regeneration, as well as assisting in the conversion of fat to muscle (fat metabolism) and the utilization of protein. For over a decade, thousands of longevity seeking individuals have used injectable human growth hormone. Hgh users say they feel and look younger in a multitude of ways.*

How soon could I expect to notice a change in human growth hormone?

Every person’s body and health is very different, so everyone reacts uniquely. Hgh injections seem to be faster. As for "beyond hgh" some people report noticing something after the first few days, some in a few weeks, and some not until the third month. I noticed an increase in energy after the first day, but I was chronically fatigued prior to using it and my body reacts differently than other people's to just about everything. After 4 months many positive changes are quite noticeable. I was told the full ...

Can you take human growth hormone or beyond hgh while on a diet?

For losing weight, we’ve had great personal success with combining either or both, with a low-carb diet. They really seem to compliment each other, and large scale legitimate studies have backed up the claims made by Dr. Atkins about the benefits of a low carbohydrate diet. We’ve personally had substantial fat loss and muscle gain using the two, and short, minor daily workouts.

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