Younger brother got my name banned from poker site, with ip address. How can I hide ip and get back on?

Search the internet for a free or pay "proxy server"It allows you to access web sites while giving the site a web address in another location you could live in god knows where, Missisipi in the good ol USA but to the web sit it would apear to them you are located in Another country alltogether.Check it out for yourself.

How to hide ip address in home or local network?

By using a technique called Arp Cache Poisoning or IP Spoofing, you can hide your IP in home or local network.Basically what is involved is generating an Arp Reply that has fake IP info in it.This would mean a network admin could think the traffic he is seeing is coming from a particular machine when it is not.There are many good articles on how it works but most do assume a good working knowledge of TCP/IP