Are there other triggers?

Yes, other possible triggers include cold air, viral infections (such as the common cold), tobacco smoke, and other air pollutants. And once your child's big enough to run, just dashing around could trigger an asthma attack. In fact, if he often coughs and wheezes after a romp on the playground, he may have what's called exercise-induced asthma.

What are the risk factors for head and neck cancers?

There are many risk factors for head and neck cancers. Age and lifestyle factors, such as alcohol and tobacco use, are the biggest. But risk factors vary, depending on the type of cancer. Laryngeal cancer Lip and oral cancer Oropharyngeal cancer It's important to note that having any or all of the known risk factors does not necessarily mean that a person will develop a head and neck cancer. On the other hand, having no risk factors does not mean that a person cannot develop a head and neck cancer, either. ...

What are the major contributing factors for head and neck cancers?

The major causes (etiologic factors) for head and neck cancers are tobacco and alcohol use, including cigarettes, cigars, snuff, chewing tobacco, betel leaf, lime, catchu and areca nut, and marijuana. Combining tobacco and alcohol use poses an even greater risk. Learn how to kick the tobacco habit. Other causes include: Viruses (herpes simplex virus and the human papilloma viruses) Genetic predisposition (further study on this issue is being conducted) Occupation (workers in nickel refining and wood- and le...

What kind of effects do tobacco smoke and other irritants have on the sinuses?

Tobacco smoke and various other irritants may cause worsening of symptoms. Those irritants include auto exhaust, gasoline fumes, paint fumes, perfume, roach spray and household chemicals such as bleach, etc. Cigarette smoke paralyzes the tiny hairs (cilia) which move mucus out of the sinuses. It also causes irritation and inflammation in the nose and respiratory tract. There is no good way to effectively treat these exposures, and as a result they must be avoided. Sometimes using an air filter will be helpf...

Tobacco and alcohol abuse can cause Stomach Cancer

Increases the risk of cancers in the upper portion of the stomach, which can be difficult to treat successfully.