The side effects of Biological Therapy for Stomach Cancer Treatment

Side effects for biological therapy vary depending on treatment, but can include flu-like symptoms (chills, fever, weakness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea), a rash, bruising or bleeding. Patients may need to stay in the hospital while receiving some kinds of biological therapy. There are remedies for many of the side effects treatment and therapy can cause, and it is important for patients to communicate their side effects to their doctor and/or nurse.

Biological Therapy for Colorectal Cancer

Biological Therapy for Colorectal CancerBiological therapy is a cancer treatment that helps the body’s immune (defense) system attack and destroy cancer cells. For some patients, biological therapy may be combined with chemotherapy as adjuvant treatment after surgery. Patients may need to stay in the hospital while receiving some types of biological therapy.

Clinical trials for Brain Cancer

Clinical trials are designed to determine whether a new approach is both safe and effective. Treatments that may be studied include: Radiation twice daily Hyperthermia, in which a tumor is heated to increase the effect of radiation Drugs injected into the artery leading to the brain or directly into the brain High-dose chemotherapy followed by bone marrow transplant Biological therapy, which is a treatment to improve the body's immune system to fight the cancer Molecular chemotherapy, or anticancer drugs ba...