What advice can you offer to help me live with the effects of head and neck cancer?

After treatment for laryngeal or hypopharyngeal cancer, special help may be needed to adjust to the effects of treatment. The type and duration of side effects depends on the type and extent of treatment. Some side effects are temporary, and some are permanent. We're here to assist patients and their families in successfully managing any side effects. Doctors, nurses, dietitians and speech therapists can suggest ways to deal with side effects. It may help to talk with another patient, too. In many instances...

What are the symptoms of brain tumors?

The symptoms depend on the size of the tumor and the location. Symptoms are caused by damage to vital tissue and by pressure from the tumor or swelling, which may happen if the tumor blocks the flow of cerebrospinal fluid. Headaches that tend to be worse in the morning Seizures Nausea and vomiting Weakness or loss of feeling in arms and legs Stumbling or lack of coordination in walking Abnormal eye movements or changes in vision Drowsiness Changes in personality or memory Changes in speech