How does “carpet steam cleaning” work?

How does The first step is pre-treating the heavy traffic areas with sprayed cleaning solution to loosen up the soils. Then the truck-mounted equipment is used to spray heated cleaning solution into the carpet pile at a high pressure and then is immediately extracted along with the suspended soil particles. The machine will work the solution into the pile and loosen soil. Factors that affect the results of this method are: · operator skill · solution temperature · spray pressure · vacuum power

What is the difference between shading and color fading?

What is the difference between shading and color fading?While shading is simply the result of the change in direction of the carpet pile due to pressure from footsteps and vacuuming, color fading is more serious. Color fading of carpet occurs when particles of oily soil deposited on carpet fibers cause gradual but significant dulling of colors — the color is not lost, but hidden under the film. Cleaning your carpet regularly will help avoid color fading.