Replacement therapy for growth hormone is no different from other hormone therapies. The primary goal of growth hormone therapy is to restore the correct level of growth hormone to the body for healthy and efficient metabolism and other processes.

Hypertropin is used for the replacement of endogenous growth hormone in patients with biochemically confirmed AGHD (peak GH <5 g/L).

What is the replacement therapy for growth hormone deficiency?

Patients must present with two criteria to be eligible for growth hormone replacement treatment.
Firstly, the patient must show evidence of a growth hormone deficiency on a GH stimulation test. Without a subnormal response to this test, growth hormone therapy can not be initiated.

Additionally, if the condition is adult onset, the patient must also show evidence of a pituitary influencing condition such as, hypothalamus disease, intra cranial radiation, pituitary disease or trauma. If the growth hormone deficiency began as child onset growth hormone deficiency, the patient must confirm through a growth hormone stimulation test administered as an adult, that there remains a need for growth hormone treatment.

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