You are probably using crappy mascara. I to have the same problem.
I could suggest waterproof but that makes my eyes burn.
I don't know about you but I think I need hypoallergenic.

To keep my mascara from rubbing off underneath my eyes throughout the day

If you are not allergic then try it.
I don't really know of another way but waterproof.
You may be able to use the mascara's that have a lenthener with it.

Put it on under the mascara it's self.
It may have a quality that allows the mascara last longer.

Or call a department store, the counter help may be able to recommend a mascara that will last.
If you call a salon, they may want you to come into the salon and pay for the service of telling you what to use.
I would call the department store. Kohl's or Macy's would be a good place to start.
At least if you call them you won't wast your time and money going up there for nothing.

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