What are the symptoms of PCOS?

Following symptoms are found so far: Infrequent or irregular menstrual cycles Lack of ovulation/ Infertility Increased hair growth on face, back, chest, or toes Obesity, particularly weight around the waist (apple shaped body) Male pattern baldness or thinning hair Type Two Diabetes Elevated insulin levels or insulin resistance High Cholesterol Many cysts on the ovaries Acne Pelvic pain/ PMS

Can endometrial cancer be found early?

In most cases, being alert to any signs and symptoms of endometrial cancer and discussing them promptly with your healthcare provider permits diagnosis at an early stage. Unfortunately, some endometrial cancers may reach an advanced stage before recognizable signs and symptoms are present. Early detection improves the chances that your endometrial cancer will be treated successfully. Signs and symptoms of endometrial cancer include unusual bleeding, spotting or other discharge, and/or pelvic pain and/or mas...