Love Letter Tips

Write love letters often and from your heart.   Don't use other people's words.   Your feeling are what is important.   Don't fill it with metaphors and trite expressions.   Fill your love letter with you warm feeling. Keep the writing of your love letter simple.   This not the place to show off all the big words that you know.   Your ten-dollar-words are best used in the next great novel not a love letter.   Don't use vulgar or explicit language in your love letter. Always use a spell checker to make sure ...

Short Love Letters

Keep your love letter short you are not writing the next great novel.   A short paragraph or two is better that pages of rambling. Focus your love letter in on what makes them so special and unique.   Do not compare them to other people.   Especially do not compare them to people from past relationships. Write your love letter in a quiet place.   Away from distractions and other people.   Your primary focus should be writing your love letter. Focus your love letter on how pleasant they make you feel when th...

Birth Month Flowers and Birth Stones

Giving birth month flowers is a nice gesture early in a relationship. When a Rose says too much, try giving birth month flowers instead. Most dating sites give you information about a persons birthday. They may give you the person's sign or their month and date. Knowing this information you can send someone an appropriate birth flower for a gift. If they ask why you picked this flower, just say that it is their birth month flower. They will be impressed that you knew their birth flower or went to the troubl...

How do I write a love letter?

Writing a love letter is something that takes practice. It is a skill that has to be perfected. The perfect love letter depends on the person you are writing to. Your love letter must be made for that person.

What should I do if someone professes they love me after a short correspondence?

You have probably run into one of the scammers on the net. If you have not meet the person face-to-face, I would be cautious and not trust this person.

Will bad grammar or spelling in my personal ads hurt me?

Bad grammar, bad spelling and bad language all will hurt your presentation as being a nice, good person that they want to know. Take the time to run your profile thru a spell checker and grammer checker before posting it. Besure to re-read it before posting so that it does don't contain offensive language. Remember, you only get one chance to make a good first impression. Running all of your correspondence thru a spellchecker is a good idea

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