How is Hodgkin’s disease diagnosed?

How is Hodgkin's disease diagnosed?If Hodgkin's disease is suspected, the doctor will ask about your medical history and will do a thorough physical exam. Blood tests and x-rays of the chest, bones, liver and spleen will also be done. Tissue from an enlarged lymph node will be removed. This is known as a biopsy. It is the only sure way to tell if cancer is present. A pathologist will look at the tissue under the microscope for Reed-Sternberg cells, abnormal cells that are usually found with Hodgkin's disease. When Hodgkin's disease is diagno...

Are there different types of primary bone cancer?

There are several types of cancer that start in the bones. The most common is osteosarcoma, which often develops in new tissue in growing bones. Evidence suggests that Ewing’s sarcoma (see Ewing’s family of tumors), another form of bone cancer, begins in immature nerve tissue in bone marrow. Osteosarcoma and Ewing’s sarcoma tend to occur more frequently in children and adolescents, while chondrosarcoma, which starts in cartilage, occurs more often in adults.