The time between cleanings is dependent on several factors: frequency of your vacuuming, type and color of your carpet, amount of traffic, and the method used the last time your carpets were cleaned.

On average I recommend once or twice a year. (Some cleaning methods cause carpets to re-soil faster than others.)

Below product is one of the convenient equipment can clean your carpets easily can be seen on television CF.

How often should my carpets be cleaned?

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  • What safeguards do you take to prevent damage for carpet.
  • How long will it be before our carpet is dry enough to use?
  • What is hot water steam cleaning and aren’t all steam cleaners the same?
  • Now that I know my carpets must be cleaned which method is the best?
  • How can I slow down soiling and carpet wear?
  • How does “carpet steam cleaning” work?
  • Why are some carpets measured by square yard and others by square foot?
  • My carpet looks like it is shedding. Is this normal?
  • What is the difference between shading and color fading?
  • Will there have to be a seam in the room?
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