Will bad grammar or spelling in my personal ads hurt me?

Bad grammar, bad spelling and bad language all will hurt your presentation as being a nice, good person that they want to know. Take the time to run your profile thru a spell checker and grammer checker before posting it. Besure to re-read it before posting so that it does don't contain offensive language. Remember, you only get one chance to make a good first impression. Running all of your correspondence thru a spellchecker is a good idea

Do I have to answer all the questions on a profile or personal ad form?

Short answer no. Long answer, yes, it will make you seem like someone they will want to answer. The more information that you fill out on the form the better will be the replies that you will get from people. You won't seem flaky or evasive if you answer all the questions. The more you can tell people about you, the better will be the responses.

Should I include a picture with my profile or a personal ad?

Yes, people will want to know who you are before answering your ad. A picture with a profile will greatly increase your likelyhood of getting a letter. After all you want people who will accept you for who you are. Remember, profiles without pictures get viewed at a fraction of the rate that ones with photos.

Which is better matchmaking or personal ads?

You can do both and increase you odd of finding your soul mate. Your soul mate might have placed a personal ad and if you don't place one or check you could miss them. It all depends on what your purpose is. Are you looking for casual dating or the love of your life? In general, personal ads are best for casual dating, and matchmaking is best for finding the love of your life. You can try Free Matchmaking or place a Free Personal Ad and see which you like better.

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