Recommended good christmas present for girl friend if you are a girl

Maybe you could buy her chocolates and put a picture of you and her under the little casing's that chocolate comes in. Oh! And always remember flowers.   They can really make someone feel loved and cared for.

The worst christmas present for your 14 year old boy friend

The worst christmas present for your 14 year old boy friendDefinetely don’t just give him money! Thats something he probably wont want after having a lot of trouble trying to find something you would like. Get him something personal. Find out his favorite sports team then get him a jersey or hat and then hang out and watch the team play a game, if the sport isnt on right now then find someone who has a game taped or something.

Christmas present for 14 year old boyfriend

Get him some nice cologne, and like a custom made jersey with a nick name on it that you have for him. :)   or   If he's into sports, maybe find out what his favorite teams and players are. Most malls have a sports store with different things you can get from almost any team. Most guys like hats, but find out by looking at a hat he wears if he prefers fitted or adjustable hats. If you personalize the gift by showing you know him, it will be more exciting for him. Also, you may want to check out the link bel...

Method to give my partner his Christmas present of concert tickets when I haven’t received the tickets yet

If you think it by complex way, do as below:   Just print out a little slip of paper that says "arriving soon..." and just say what the tickets are for. Someone did that for me once... they wrapped this little slip of paper in a giant clothes box but it weighed like, nothing.   In this similar case, I was really confused, but it wasn't a bad idea.

A good christmas present to give coworkers

You could try chocolate. You can get cheap chocolate that looks very posh. But costs alot less! Some other ideas are... Candles Bath Bombs Candle Holders Photo frame (could but a picture in to personalise it) Mug/Cup (One year i got plain mugs and painted them with these special pens) Hope that helped =]

The ideal christmas present for a teenage boyfriend

Maybe, the ideal answer would be finding something about one of his favorite hobbies. For example, if he has a favorite band or singer you could get him a CD that he doesn't already have, or go for the standard mixed tape thing if you wanted to. You could also get him movies or video games etc. like everyone else said. If you want something cheap yet heartfelt, maybe a nice pic of the two of you together (in a frame of course), with a special message written by you on the back. Or gift certificates for his ...

Wrapping an odd-shaped present

If it's an odd-shaped present, then it's harder to wrap. If it's a box, then you have it easy. If not, you can go to the dollar store and buy a gift box to put it in. If you still want to wrap that gift box, or if the present already comes in a box, here's what you do: First, lay the box on the sheet of wrapping paper. Cut enough paper to fully go around the box, and leave about an inch over the fold. Then, make sure to have enough to cover the sides, but cut off any excess. The key is not to have too much ...

Wrapping a Christmas present beautifully

It is all in the cutting of the paper, and the folding of it. You have to cut it just big enough to wrap the present. Make the folds crisp. No wadding or stuffing of the paper at the end. And don't tape the pkg box to the paper! Buy nice heavy paper, the cheap stuff is hard to work with. Buy some craft wire. So measure off the width of the paper, leave an inch or two for overlap, and fold it, and center the fold in the middle of the package. Use double sided scotch tape! Then the end: turn the package upsid...

Birth Month Flowers and Birth Stones

Giving birth month flowers is a nice gesture early in a relationship. When a Rose says too much, try giving birth month flowers instead. Most dating sites give you information about a persons birthday. They may give you the person's sign or their month and date. Knowing this information you can send someone an appropriate birth flower for a gift. If they ask why you picked this flower, just say that it is their birth month flower. They will be impressed that you knew their birth flower or went to the troubl...

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