The foundation makeup that lasts long and looks smooth

The foundation makeup that lasts long and looks smoothThese are foundations made for long wear. most have a primer added to extend wear.My colleagues have tried and loved all of them, and they cover well and last long even on my oily skin in the hot florida summers.Mark powder buff natural skinAvon perfect wear extralasting Clinique superfitMerle norman lastingClarins truly matteEstee lauder double wear

Some good liquid foundation makeup brands

Some good liquid foundation makeup brandsMy friend use NARS on herself, and on the models she work with.A little goes a long way for everyday use.You may rethink your stance on powder; it really gives the best finish to a liquid.I totally understand if you think powder can look cakey when used improperly.A little loose powder to set your foundation should be near invisible.Pat it onto the skin, and in a circular motion, buff it.

The chemical could be allergic to in makeup, foundation & coverup

It could be the perfume in the concealer and foundation. I can't use my mother's beauticontrol brand products... they make me break out, and the eyeliner makes my eyes water and turn reddish. If it's only one or two brands that bother you, I'd suggest that you find a weekend that you're not doing anything on, and try several brands until you find one that doesn't bother you.

Waterproof makeup foundation

Waterproof makeup foundationWhen you go on vacation and what to find a good waterproof makeup foundation refer below: (1) Vincent Longo Liquid Canvas Dew Finish Foundation SPF 15 (2) Make Up For Ever Face & Body Liquid Makeup (3) Amazing Cosmetics Powder Set (4) Clinique Work-Out Makeup All Day Wear These foundations have all been tested by Sephora's beauty editors to be considered long-lasting. You can also try a makeup sealant -- an example would be Model In A Bottle (

The best brand of makeup foundation that can control oily skin

First of all, make sure you are using quality skin care made specifically for oily skin. cleanser to remove dirt and makeup, toner to remove cleanser residue and refine pores, and moisture lotion to restore water (not oil) to the skin. also use a mask or exfoliant once a week. Look for a foundation and/or powder that is oil-free, noncomedogenic, and nonacnegenic. here are a few that have worked on my oily skin even during the hot florida summers... Mark powder buff natural skin foundation $8 (powder) Avon p...

Makeup foundation for acne prone skin but gives good long lasting coverage

I could not live without this concealer!! CoverBlend by Exuviance.… You can find this being sold at most Dermatologists offices or at Beauty First stores. For foundation and powder I use Cliniques brand. They have everything for every skin type.… Clinique can be found at most department stores such as Younkers, Dillards, Von Maur, etc.. They are all worth the price, which isn't too bad.

Makeup foundation tips

For better makup, following tips are useful.1) Test foundation along your jaw line - not on your hand and definitely not on the inside of your wrist. View it under different light settings. It must match the natural color of your neck.2) For easy transition from day to night makeup, touch up with Sacha’s Dual Active Foundation. If will provide the finish of a powder with the coverage of a foundation.3) Dampen your cosmetics sponge to create a sheer finish.4) For a great makeover you must start with the righ...

To make my eyes look good without mascara

To make my eyes look good without mascaraIf you don’t have mascara, try following:   01. brush your brows with a brow gel 02. concealer under your eyes & on your lids (if you need) it 03. use a white/cream eyeshadow to highlight underneath your brows & the inner corners 04. tightline (line your upper waterline) with black waterproof liner 05. curl your eyelashes   I hope this helps!

The type of mascara is best for making your eyes look bigger

The type of mascara is best for making your eyes look biggerI've been using Maybelline Full & Soft for several years now, and I think it's the perfect balance of the right sized brush, plenty of fullness and length, without clumps or feeling crusty. I keep seeing the new commercials for new mascaras, and sometimes break away and try something new, but keep going back to the Full & Soft. They make waterproof & not, and several shades (browns-blacks-clears). Plus it doesn't break the bank (Walmart or drug stores for around $4.50). Also when you're applying mascara, if...

The best mascara color for blue eyes

Black mascara and black eyeliner. Well, that's what i like. [i have bright blue eyes] Some people always had a problem with eyeshadow colors. And they found that they like shimmery pink, light blue, and white/translucent/shiny eyeshadow. I'm not sure if you are farmiliar with a makeup company called "Mary Kay" [ or "mary k" im not sure] its like avon. They sell alot of makeup out of catalogs and most of people REALLY love the pink and blue eyeshadow, what your suppost to do is put the pink on first, then pu...

A good mascara for contact lenses

I don't like Maybelline's mascara. It tends to clump really easily and get spidery within 2-3 coats. If you must purchase a Maybelline, use one of the XXL mascaras, they are in black and white tubes. You want a mascara with a thick brush, if you have a thin brush it's not going to cover each and every lash. If you are willing to spend a couple dollars more, buy MAC's Plush Lash for $11, it is a big thick brush and will do the job. I suggest you be really careful with apply mascara with your contact lenses i...

The best mascara to use for contact lens wearers

You have to try li lash. It is recommended and formulated by doctors. Make your eyelash naturally longer fuller thicker curlier and sexier. I love using it and have been using it since i first try it, I have tried many others, but they always have problem. Th ebest part is it is formulated to work on even the most sensitive skin/eyes. I have sensitive skin and eyes as I use contacts too. But this product really work out well for me. I feel comfortable and also very attractive. Also get very confident after ...

The best mascara for making your eyelashes curled and to make them stand out

Take it from me, the girl with the straightest eyelashes ever, use waterproof mascara. Any other mascara weighs my eyelashes down. After curling my eyelashes I put on waterproof mascara and they actually stay curled for the whole day. Plus, you don't run the risk of your mascara smudging or running! Right now I am using L'Extreme Waterproof Instant Extensions Lengthening Mascara and I love it but really any waterproof mascara will do the trick. To take off my waterproof makeup I use Neutrogena Makeup Remove...

To keep my mascara from rubbing off underneath my eyes throughout the day

To keep my mascara from rubbing off underneath my eyes throughout the dayYou are probably using crappy mascara. I to have the same problem.I could suggest waterproof but that makes my eyes burn.I don't know about you but I think I need hypoallergenic. If you are not allergic then try it.I don't really know of another way but waterproof.You may be able to use the mascara's that have a lenthener with it.Put it on under the mascara it's self.It may have a quality that allows the mascara last longer.Or call a department store, the counter help may be able to recommend a mascara that...

What happens if you get mascara in your eye?

After a while of putting on eye makeup including eyeliner and mascaraMost of girl always leave a bit of residue on my eye balls.She just wets a q-tip with eye drops, artificial tears, or clean water pull down my bottom lidand i'll just wipe off the black bits on the inside of the lid (Shw may know it sounds painful, but it doesn't hurt)and then she put in some eye drops to clear up my eyes further

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